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4.0 monster manual

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4.0 monster manual

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4.0 monster manualTo get more targeted content, please make full-text search by clicking here.This material is protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America. Any reproduction or unauthorized use of the material or artwork contained herein is prohibited without the express written permission of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. Any similarity to actual people, organizations, places, or events included herein is purely coincidental. The Monster Manual offers a rich collection of monsters designed to challenge player characters (PCs) of every level. This introduction explains how to read each monster’s statistics. A monster’s statistics are presented in a format that makes them easy to use right off the page. Each statistics block is divided into sections, as shown in the example below. Keyword(s) Reach; range, area, or targets; attack bonus vs.Miss: effect (if any). Secondary attack or effect. Related monsters can have similar names, such as the hobgoblin soldier and the hobgoblin archer. Level and Role MICHAEL KOMARCK The level of the monster and the role it fills are given in the top right-hand corner of the statistics block. The Dungeon Master’s Guide explains more about monster level and role and how to build encounters using them. Level A monster’s level summarizes how tough it is in an encounter. It determines most of the monster’s numerical statistics as well as the experience point (XP) award the PCs earn for defeating the monster. 4 Role If the monster’s name doesn’t include its race, the race is added after the monster’s type and keywords. For example, A monster’s role describes its preferred combat tactics, much the snaketongue assassin is categorized as a “Medium natural as a character class’s role suggests tactics for PCs. Monster humanoid (shapechanger), human.” roles are: artillery, brute, controller, lurker, skirmisher, and soldier. These roles are discussed in the Dungeon Master’s Experience Points (xp) Guide.http://smilemeyer.com/userfiles/bosch-maxx-wfl-1610-manual.xml

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This entry gives the experience point award for defeating the A monster might have the leader keyword in parenthe- monster.Senses Size, Origin, and Type Every monster has a Perception check modifier. Some monsters also have special senses that allow them to detect Each monster has a size, origin, and type, listed in that enemies in unusual situations, such as darkvision or tremor- order. Some monsters also have one or more keywords in sense; these are defined in the glossary.A monster’s size determines the space it occupies, as well as its reach. Aura Monster Size Space Reach An aura is a passive ability that takes effect when another Tiny — 0 creature comes within a certain distance of the monster. Not Small 1?1 1 all monsters have auras. For more information on auras, see Medium 1?1 1 the glossary. Large 2?2 1 (long) or 2 (tall) Huge 3?3 2 (long) or 3 (tall) Hit Points (hp) Gargantuan 4 ? 4 or larger 3 (long) or 4 (tall) Damage a monster takes is subtracted from its hit points. Space: This is the number of squares the creature occupies HP: The monster’s total hit points.If the mon- they work a little differently: Four Tiny creatures can fit in a single square.A creature’s reach depends in part on whether it has a “tall” form, standing upright, or a “long” form that is ori- This line of the monster’s statistics block lists the monster’s ented lengthwise. Tall creatures often reach farther than long Armor Class (AC) and its Fortitude, Reflex, and Will defenses. ones. A creature’s reach is built into its melee powers. Vulnerable A creature with reach greater than 1 still can’t make This line appears if certain attacks have reduced or increased opportunity attacks against nonadjacent creatures unless it effects against the monster.Origins are: aberrant, elemental, fey, immortal, natural, and shadow. These terms are defined in the glossary. Speed Type This is the number of squares the monster can move with a single move action.http://www.kktravel.com.kh/userfiles/bosch-maxx-wfl-1601-service-manual.xml Alternative movement modes, such as fly, A creature’s type summarizes some basic things about climb, or swim, are listed as well.Types are: animate, beast, humanoid, and magical beast. These terms are defined in Action Points the glossary. Elite and solo monsters have action points they can use to take Keywords extra actions, just as PCs do. If a monster has action points, it is noted here. Unlike PCs, a monster can spend more than Some monsters have keywords that further define them.Others indicate that a creature is made up of or strongly linked to a certain type of elemental force: air, cold, earth, fire, or water. Monsters can have more than one keyword. 6 Attack Powers Target Defense M O N S T E R S TAT I S T I C S Attack powers are presented so that basic attacks appear first, An attack targets AC, Fortitude, Reflex, or Will. Powers that followed by the monster’s other powers.Type Effect Each power has an icon that indicates what type of attack it is: This section describes what happens if the attack hits.The most common result of a hit is damage, which occurs Basic Attack: The first attack presented is always the mon- instantaneously. Many powers also produce conditions or ster’s basic attack (usually a melee attack). Some monsters ongoing damage. These effects might end when the affected have several basic attacks. A basic attack has a circle around its creature makes a successful saving throw (“save ends”) or icon: melee basic attack m or ranged basic attack r. have a stated duration. Typical durations are until the end of the attacking creature’s next turn or until the end of the Monsters use their basic attacks when making opportunity encounter.Some powers deal damage that combine two or more Action damage types. The target must have resistance or immunity to all of the specified damage types to reduce or ignore the This states the kind of action required to use the power: stan- damage.http://www.drupalitalia.org/node/76405Most immediate actions trigger on a spe- Miss cific event, which is described following the action type. Sometimes a power has a reduced effect on a miss; this is Some powers, especially secondary effects that trigger stated after the main effect.Sometimes when a power hits, it triggers a secondary attack. Sustain: The monster can sustain the power’s effect until A few powers have effects that grow worse each time a saving the start of its next turn, usually as a standard or minor action.Such effects work the same way as before the monster can sustain the power.Recharge Alignment Some powers can only be used once in a given encounter. Others recharge during the encounter, allowing the monster A monster’s alignment is not rigid, and exceptions can exist to to use them again.Encounter: The power can be used once per encounter Skills and recharges after a short rest. This line shows only trained skills or skills in which the mon- Daily: The power can be used only once per day and ster has a racial bonus. A monster’s Perception score appears recharges after an extended rest.Recharge ? ? ? ? ?: The power has a random chance Ability Scores of recharging during each round of combat. At the start of the monster’s turn, roll 1d6. If the roll is one of the die results This section shows the monster’s six ability scores, presented shown, the power is recharged and the monster can use it so that each vertical pair contributes to one of the three again that turn. The power also recharges after a short rest.Following each score in parentheses is the adjusted ability score modifier includ- Recharges when...: The power recharges under a spe- ing one-half the monster’s level, which is useful whenever the cific circumstance, such as when the monster is first bloodied, monster needs to make an untrained skill check or an ability when it bloodies a foe, and so forth. The power also recharges check.However, few mon- Certain powers have one or more keywords.http://www.audaxdemolizioni.com/images/4.10-gears-mustang-gt-manual.pdf Monsters and sters have a power that lets them spend a healing surge. Attack power keywords are described in the glossary. 3 healing surges. Reach Because they rarely come into play, healing surges are not included in a monster’s stat block. If the monster has an unusual reach, its melee attack entries include a reach number. Range, Area, or Targets Ranged, close, and area attacks specify a range and area of effect in squares. Any kind of attack power might specify targets. Attack Bonus This is the modifier to the d20 die roll when the monster attacks. Some powers are automatic hits. 7 ABOLETH Aboleth Slime Mage Tactics ABOLETHS ARE HULKING AMPHIBIOUS CREATURES that hail An aboleth slime mage prefers to have its underlings fight from the Far Realm, a distant and unfathomable plane. They for it. When pressed into combat, it relies on its mucus haze to live in the Underdark, swimming through drowned crannies keep opponents away while it blasts them with ranged attacks.Malevolent and vile, aboleths bend and tries to dominate one of them as soon as possible.R Dominate (standard; at-will). A target reduced to 0 hit points or fewer by The aboleth lasher relies on its mucus haze to hinder its oppo- this attack doesn’t die but becomes enslaved in preparation for nents’ movement while simultaneously using it to gain combat advantage with its allies. Once it covers an enemy with slime, the Aboleth Servitor ritual. Enslaved targets are dominated, and it uses its tentacles to flay the hapless creature to death.Once a creature is enslaved, an aboleth overseer is free to dominate other creatures. Invisibility (minor; encounter). Illusion Aboleth Slime Mage Level 17 Artillery (Leader) The aboleth overseer and one ally within 10 squares of it turn Large aberrant magical beast (aquatic) XP 1,600 invisible until the end of the aboleth overseer’s next turn. The overseer then forces the enslaved creature to fight its dazed target), and the target is dazed (save ends).R Slime Orb (standard; at-will).DC 20: Aboleths lair in the deepest reaches of the Under- R Dominate (standard; at-will). Charm dark, having slipped into the world from the Far Realm. Will; the target face, haunting ruins, deep lakes, and old temples without hope or want of companionship. In many of these places, kuo-toas is dominated (save ends). An aboleth slime mage can dominate serve them.DC 25: Aboleths communicate via telepathy. They can speak and understand Deep Speech. A Slime Burst (standard; encounter). Aftereffect: The target is slowed (save ends). Aboleth overseers also populate their lairs with humanoids that they’ve enslaved and trans- The servitor remains within 10 squares of its aboleth master formed into slimy minions.ABOLETH SERVITOR Encounter Groups A HUMANOID IS TRANSFORMED INTO AN ABOLETH SERVITOR by Kuo-toas serve aboleths willingly, but powerful aboleths also way of a ritual. When a creature transforms into an aboleth fashion servitors from dominated and defeated foes.If an aboleth servitor is ever more than 10 squares from its aboleth master, the servitor becomes dazed, weakened, and immobilized until its master moves within 10 squares of it. Some of these creations were enormous, others small. Some were singular beings of terrific power, while others were legion. A few abominations stand apart as failed or incom- plete divine experiments that have either been locked away or forgotten. ASTRAL STALKER DEVIOUS AND BATTLE-HUNGRY HUNTERS, astral stalkers savor challenge and renown. Many of them serve as assas- sins and bounty hunters, and an astral stalker might pursue its quarry simply to test its mettle against a worthy foe.They’re now a race unto themselves, inhabiting the Astral Sea.Poison Astral stalkers gather in small tribes, and leadership of a tribe falls to the astral stalker with the best hunting trophies. Astral stalkers often hunt in pairs or small groups if they seek First Failed Save: The target is immobilized instead of slowed particularly elusive game. They have also been known to sell their services to other beings. (save ends). Second Failed Save: The target is stunned instead of Level 22 Encounter (XP 21,400) immobilized (save ends). ? 1 astral stalker (level 22 elite lurker) ? 2 war devils (level 22 brute) M Quick Claws (standard; at-will) ? 6 legion devil legionnaires (level 21 minion) Against a slowed or an immobilized target, the astral stalker ATROPAL makes two claw attacks. ATROPALS ARE CALAMITOUS BEINGS scorned by life. They now exist only to bring destruction and despair to everything Combat Advantage around them. The astral stalker’s melee attacks deal an extra 2d6 damage Atropal Lore against any target it has combat advantage against. A character knows the following information with a successful Religion check. Invisibility (standard; at-will). Illusion DC 25: Atropals are unfinished godlings that had enough The astral stalker turns invisible until it attacks.A few atropals roam freely across the planes, while others are sealed away in separate Stalker’s Quarry (minor; at-will) realms or buried beneath the ruins of dead civilizations. The astral stalker knows the exact location of a creature it has Encounter Groups designated as its quarry. The astral stalker can have only one An atropal gathers undead to it and might have a squad of abyssal ghouls or vampire spawn at its disposal. Vampire quarry at a time, but the power works across any distance and lords, liches, and dracoliches all have reason to value an atro- pal ally.It has poisonous bone darts in its throat that it can eject with deadly accuracy. It uses these darts to dis- orient and incapacitate enemies. Once one or more foes are slowed or immobilized, the stalker lunges into melee and uses its quick claws ability against its chosen quarry. Radiant damage to the atropal ends its shroud of death. The atropal can restore the aura as a minor action. C Atropos Burst (standard; encounter; recharges when a living creature drops to 0 hit points within the atropal’s aura). The atropal gains 1 action point if it hits any creatures with atropos burst. It relies on its hit points and speed to outlast and outmaneuver its opponents. Once surrounded, it uses atropos burst and then spends an action point to make a necrotizing touch against the most wounded creature. It continues to attack this foe with its necrotizing touch, hoping to slay the creature and recharge its atropos burst. DAVE ALLSOP BLOOD FIEND VICIOUS, BLOODTHIRSTY PREDATORS, blood fiends have a coun- tenance so terrifying that they can stop other creatures in their tracks with a baleful glare. They have keen senses and hunt anything for food or sport. Blood Fiend Lore A character knows the following information with a successful Arcana check. DC 25: Blood fiends are feral killers that feed on the blood of living creatures. Although they originated in the Elemental Chaos, they can be found just about any place where living prey is plentiful. Encounter Groups Blood fiends travel in packs. M Bloodthirsty Bite (standard; at-will). Also, the blood ?end regains 10 hit points. C Terror Gaze (minor; at-will). Will; the target is immobilized (save ends). Combat Advantage The blood ?end gains combat advantage against any living, bloodied enemy. It then turns its atten- among mortals. Occasionally they form pacts with powerful tion to a weak foe, tearing it to pieces with its sharp talons.The creature relentlessly attacks one foe until its prey is dead and it can select a new target. Consisting of coalescent mist, this creature has the lower body of a hunting cat and the torso, arms, and head of a Blood fiends are fearless adversaries and do not flee under humanoid. The air ripples around the creature, and though it any circumstances.If forced into close combat, a phane uses either its temporal touch or wizening tempest to slow or stun enemies so it can withdraw safely and attack from a distance. Phane Lore A character knows the following information with a successful Religion check. DC 25: Phanes are native to the Astral Sea, but they are found throughout the cosmos, walking the space between moments, ever on the hunt for prey. Encounter Groups Phanes aren’t choosy about their allies. Legend tells of them working with sorrowsworn, nightwalkers, powerful demons and devils, and mighty fey. Level 26 Encounter (XP 46,000) ? 1 phane (level 26 elite controller) ? 2 sorrowsworn soulrippers (level 25 skirmisher) ? 2 dread wraiths (level 25 lurker) 12 Phane Level 26 Elite Controller ing bite and tail slap until bloodied, then using frenzy. Not one A B O M I N AT I O N to conserve its power, the tarrasque spends its action points in Large immortal magical beast XP 18,000 the opening rounds of combat to make additional attacks. AC 41; Fortitude 38, Re?ex 41, Will 38 DC 25: The tarrasque is a living engine of destruction cre- Resist insubstantial ated by the primordials to obliterate the works of the gods. It sleeps within the world’s core, stirring occasionally. Speed 10, ?y 10 DC 30: The tarrasque is inexorably bound to the world, Action Points 1 such that the most one can hope for is to lay the creature to rest, forcing it to sleep within the world’s core for many years m Temporal Touch (standard; at-will) before it stirs again.The phane shifts 4 squares before or after making this attack. Aftereffect: The target is weakened (save ends). The target appears elderly until the effects of the wizening ray end. Aftereffect: The target is dazed and weakened (save ends both). Earthbinding aura 40; any ?ying creature in the aura has its ?y Temporal Fugue (minor; at-will) speed reduced to 1 and maximum altitude reduced to 20 feet By moving backward and forward in time, a phane can remove (putting it within the tarrasque’s reach). Any creature above one effect afflicting it.Action Points 2 Tarrasque Tactics Elder of Annihilation The tarrasque tramples enemies as it wades into battle. It uses The tarrasque’s attacks ignore all resistances. M Fury of the Tarrasque (standard, can’t use while bloodied; recharge ? ? ) The tarrasque makes a bite attack and one of the following attacks. M Trample (standard; at-will) The tarrasque can move up to its speed and enter enemies’ spaces. This movement provokes opportunity attacks, and the tarrasque must end its move in an unoccupied space. C Frenzy (standard, usable only while bloodied; at-will) Close burst 3; the tarrasque makes a bite attack against each creature within the burst. Eternal Slumber When the tarrasque is reduced to 0 hit points, it sinks back into the world’s core and slumbers once again. They most often serve the gods, penalty unless the angel is bloodied.In reality, angels are powerful astral beings who appeared during the first HP 296; Bloodied 148 moments of the creation of the Astral Sea. Different types of angels have different callings; they are literally manifestations AC 29; Fortitude 27, Re?ex 25, Will 28 of celestial vocations. Perhaps it was the needs of the gods that caused the astral stuff to spew them forth, but it was not a con- Immune fear; Resist 10 radiant scious act of creation. During the great war between the gods and the primordials, angels offered themselves as warriors to Speed 8, ?y 12 (hover); see also mobile melee attack and storm of the gods that best encompassed their callings, and today they continue to act as mercenary forces for anyone willing to meet blades their price—be it wealth, or power, or a cause worthy of their attention.They act both openly and secretly, often acting as emissaries, generals, and even assassins. M Mobile Melee Attack (standard; at-will) ANGEL OF BATTLE An angel of battle can move up to half its speed and make one ANGELS OF BATTLE COMMAND ANGELS OF VALOR, but they also melee basic attack at any point during that movement. The angel lead cadres of mortals in combat.C Storm of Blades (standard; encounter) Razor-sharp blades explode from the angel’s wings. Chosen Foe (free, after making a falchion attack; at-will) Once during its turn, an angel of battle can illuminate an enemy it hits with a falchion attack, bathing the enemy in light as bright as a torch and granting the angel’s allies combat advantage against that enemy until the start of the angel’s next turn. Against tough adversaries, the angel uses chosen foe and takes to the air, using its reach to stay out of melee attack range. The angel reserves storm of blades for the end of battle, when it believes it will no longer need to fly, either because death or victory is imminent. Angel of Battle Lore A character knows the following information with a successful Religion check. DC 20: As their name implies, angels of battle lead forces into combat. More powerful than angels of valor, angels of battle fulfill a similar function but are called upon to fight greater threats. DC 25: When a god sends an angel of battle to tend to a situation, it’s unlikely the god desires to deliver a message or negotiate. Angels of battle are harbingers for war. Encounter Groups WILLIAM O’CONNOR (2) A typical encounter includes one angel of battle supported by two angels of protection and several angel of valor minions. Angels of battle also act as leaders in mixed groups of devout creatures in the service of a god. Level 15 Encounter (XP 6,000) ? 1 angel of battle (level 15 skirmisher) ? 2 angels of protection (level 14 soldier) ? 8 angel of valor veterans (level 16 minion) 14 ANGEL OF PROTECTION ANGEL ANGELS OF PROTECTION SERVE AS BODYGUARDS for important persons and others who summon them. They also guard tem- ples and other sites tied to the deities they serve. Angelic Shield aura 5; enemies treat the area within the aura as difficult terrain as long as the angel’s angelic presence is active and the angel is within 5 squares of its ward (see below). HP 141; Bloodied 70 AC 30; Fortitude 26, Re?ex 24, Will 25 Immune fear; Resist 10 radiant Speed 6, ?y 8 (hover) m Greatsword (standard; at-will). Ward (standard; at-will) An angel of protection designates a creature within 5 squares of it as its ward. When the angel is within 5 squares of its ward, the ward takes only half damage from melee and ranged attacks; the angel of protection takes the rest. A creature can be the ward of only one angel of protection at a time. If multiple angels designate the same creature as their ward, it becomes the ward of the last angel that designated it as so. Barring dire circumstances, the angel stays within 5 squares of its ward (preferably adjacent to it) and remains there until the ward dies (at which point the angel either des- ignates another ward or, lacking another creature to protect, fights until slain). Angel of Protection Lore Encounter Groups A character knows the following information with a successful A typical encounter might include one angel of protection and Religion check.DC 20: An angel of protection never steps outside the role of guardian and caretaker. Its ward is often chosen for it, Level 14 Encounter (XP 5,200) either by its god or by the one who summons it. It is said that ? 2 angels of protection (level 14 soldier) no angel of protection has ever left its ward except by being ? 1 runecarved eidolon (level 13 controller) killed in that ward’s defense. ? 3 dragonborn raiders (level 13 skirmisher) DC 25: Normally, only a god or powerful servitor of a god can assign duties to an angel of protection. Sometimes, simple prayer is enough to gain such protection for a brief period. If such a prayer is ever answered, it is important that the recipi- ent be careful not to use the angel’s talents in a way that fails to serve its true master. 15 ANGEL OF VALOR ANGELS OF VALOR, THOUGH COURAGEOUS AND FIERCE, are the weakest and the most numerous of angels called to serve a given deity. HP 88; Bloodied 44 AC 24; Fortitude 22, Re?ex 20, Will 19 Immune fear; Resist 10 ?re, 10 radiant Speed 6, ?y 9 (hover) m Longsword (standard; at-will). Weapon The angel of valor makes a longsword attack and a dagger attack. C Lightning Strike (standard; encounter). Fiery Blades (minor, usable only while bloodied; at-will). Fire Until the start of the angel of valor’s next turn, the angel of valor’s weapons deal ?re damage and attack the target’s Re?ex defense instead of AC. HP 1; a missed attack never damages a minion. AC 25; Fortitude 25, Re?ex 23, Will 22 AC 35; Fortitude 35, Re?ex 31, Will 30 Immune fear; Resist 10 ?re, 10 radiant Immune fear; Resist 10 ?re, 10 radiant Speed 6, ?y 9 (hover) Speed 6, ?y 9 (hover) m Greatsword (standard; at-will). Fire, Weapon m Greatsword (standard; at-will). Angels of valor collaborate well with others of their kind, flanking enemies and concentrating their attacks HP 1; a missed attack never damages a minion.AC 30; Fortitude 30, Re?ex 27, Will 26 Immune fear; Resist 10 ?re, 10 radiant Speed 6, ?y 9 (hover) m Greatsword (standard; at-will). AC; 7 ?re damage. A character knows the following information with a successful Religion check. WILLIAM O’CONNOR (2) Equipment chainmail, greatsword 16 DC 20: When a devout worshiper of a particular god does Angel of Vengeance Tactics ANGEL something to delight that god, such as showing valor in the god’s name, an angel of valor might be dispatched to reward An angel of vengeance focuses on a single target. It evokes the worshiper. An appropriate reward might include a magic its sign of vengeance at the start of battle, then teleports to the item or even the service of the angel of valor for 10 days.The angel continues its relentless pursuit of the target, Encounter Groups paying little heed to events around it. Angels of valor fill out mixed groups of creatures in the ser- Angel of Vengeance Lore vice of a particular god or a powerful cleric. A character knows the following information with a successful Level 8 Encounter (XP 1,700) Religion check. ? 2 angels of valor (level 8 soldier) ? 1 shadar-kai warrior (level 8 soldier) DC 20: Deities send angels of vengeance to punish those ? 1 doppelganger assassin (level 8 lurker) who have defied or angered them. A god might also send an ? 1 shadar-kai witch (level 7 controller) angel of vengeance to test one who is in danger of falling off the deity’s path, showing no mercy for failure. Level 11 Encounter (XP 3,200) ? 4 angel of valor cohorts (level 11 minion) DC 25: Influential members of a clergy use a ritual to call ? 2 stone-eye basilisks (level 12 soldier) forth their deity’s wrath in the form of one of these angels. ? 1 snaketongue celebrant (level 11 controller) ? 6 snaketongue zealots (level 11 minion) Encounter Groups ANGEL OF VENGEANCE Angels of vengeance appear alone or in pairs, sometimes aided by angels of valor or angels of battle. ANGELS OF VENGEANCE STRIKE DOWN THOSE who wrong a deity. They also punish disloyalty and failure among the devout. M Double Attack (standard; at-will). Cold, Fire, Weapon The angel of vengeance makes two longsword attacks. R Sign of Vengeance (minor; encounter). Teleportation Range sight; the angel of vengeance places an invisible sign upon the target. Until the end of the encounter, as a move action, the angel can teleport adjacent to the target. C Coldfire Pillar (immediate reaction, when first bloodied; encounter). Cloak of Vengeance (until bloodied). While cloak of vengeance is in effect, a creature that makes a successful melee attack against the angel takes 1d8 ?re damage and 1d8 cold damage. Vaguely humanoid in form, they serve powerful primordial entities as well as various elemental lords and FIRE ARCHON EMBERGUARDS SERVE AS GUARDIANS in temples, princelings.They also guard portals leading to the Archons trace back to an ancient time when the world had Elemental Chaos and serve as infantry in elemental armies.The warriors formed through this process were the first archons. Ember Cloud (Fire) aura 1; any creature that begins its turn in the Two kinds of archons are presented here: fire archons and aura takes 5 ?re damage. ice archons. These soldiers are bent on returning the world to the rule and whim of the primordials, and fire archons and HP 151; Bloodied 75 ice archons have no issues working together to achieve their common goal. AC 24; Fortitude 21, Re?ex 22, Will 18 (Left to right) fire archon Immune disease, poison; Resist 30 ?re ash disciple, emberguard, and blazesteel Speed 8 18 m Greataxe (standard; at-will). Emberguard Lore A character knows the following information with a successful Arcana check. DC 20: Emberguards protect temples, tombs, and other locations where fire is prevalent. DC 25: A cloud of embers surrounds the emberguard, burning foes that get too close. ABOUT ARCHONS JIM NELSON The archons presented here are but a small sampling of the archons that exist. In addition to a multitude of fire archons and ice archons, the Elemental Chaos is home to archons composed of (or combining) other elements as well.